Monday, November 30, 2009

So this is what its like.

To have a baby that naps! Wow! Talk about easy! I could DEFINITELY get use to this:) M has been down for about 1.5 hrs and I have gotten so much done. Love this!!

So how long does an average 6 month old nap during the day? A couple hours? I need to "" this.

I've got the Christmas tree half decorated, laundry going, presents wrapped or shoved in gift bags, phone calls made and now I'm going to write our Christmas letter. Ahhhh, glorious naps! I just might need to have one myself one of these days;)


Morgan said...

Well you seem to be one busy lady..and a baby that is napping good in the mean time is always a plus! Way to go M!
Mason was napping for a couple of hours during the day when he was 6 months if that helps any! Hope you had a wonderful T-day! :)

Anonymous said...

Depends -- probably hour or two in the morning and then another hour or so in the afternoon! GOD BLESS THE SLEEPING BABY!