Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm a....

  • working
  • riding
  • scrapping
  • shopping
  • paper grading
  • misted
  • reorganizing
  • football watching
  • Christmas music listening
  • furniture moving
  • baby feeding
  • not blog posting

machine! This week was crazy at work...I have tons to correct/grade/enter but I'm 3/4 done. I was also able to get the H1N1 flu mist due to Miss M being under 6 months old. I did that Tuesday with just minor side-effects (sore throat, runny nose) except it really seemed to hurt my milk supply. Things really decreased but I'm fighting through it and hoping to ramp the production back up. Thank goodness we have some in the freezer. I wish I had more though. Yikes!! Has anyone else had that side effect or heard of anyone with it??

On friday I had a 2 day scrap retreat with a bunch of girlfriends. We had a blast! I got a bunch done eventhough I was missing my daughter and hubby who were at home spending some quality bonding time together. Lance just got back from a 9 day work trip on Thursday nite. I packed up to go scrapping on Friday morning. Not an ideal situation but we made due. It was a local retreat so I was home both nights by midnight. Today was spent relaxing with the fam, taking Miss M for a walk, grading papers and watching a lot of football. Now if only I could have squeezed a nap in there too;)

Miss M is up to her usual antics:) She is a rolling, creeping animal loving little girl. Anytime one of our cats or dog walks by, she watches them then gets all excited and the arms and legs start flying. She LOVES to pet the cats and dog but gets so excited that she screeches and usual scares Uggs off. Maui and Teddy aren't phased by it. She loves to pet Faith too. Faith doesn't mind her noisy flailing little self either. Miss M even rode her for the 1st time with me but don't tell Lance as he doesn't know;) tee hee Faith was so careful that I had a heck of a time even getting her to walk across the arena. My mom said Makenna had a HUGE grin on her face and coo'd like crazy. That's my girl:) M is sitting up all by herself. She does tip over occasionally but I'm right there to break her fall. She is getting to be SUCH a big girl. I just can't believe how she's grown and changed. Love her to pieces.

Oh well... I'm heading off to bed now... Bring it on Monday, I'm not afraid of you! I have a fridge full of diet dew and some chocolate in the drawer so I'm ready for a new week. Tomorrow's agenda includes grocery shopping, cadi washing and maybe some new shoes for Mommy. ;)

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Jen said...

Christmas music...but we're not even to Thanksgiving yet! Sounds like you're a tad bit busy, but having fun :)