Saturday, November 21, 2009

I will be better!

My goal for next week is to blog every day. I've been such a slacker:)

We had a doctor's appt for Miss M yesterday. At one of our pregnancy u/s appt's, they noticed that 1 of her kidneys was slightly larger than the other and had a little more fluid on it. They kept telling us it's not a big deal and don't freak out. Seriously?! After what we went through with Lily, a little fluid on the kidney WAS NO BIG DEAL. We just laughed. So after Miss M was born, they did an u/s and saw that the 1 kidney was still bigger although just slightly. They wanted us to do a procedure where they inject dye into the bladder and watch to see if it goes back up the ureters into the kidney. Luckily it did not! So all is good there. M did great with all of it. The 1st tech that tried to insert the catheter was horrible at it (apparently) as poor M was not impressed. Finally, as she was still fumbling around, I told her that was enough. She had her chance and it was obvious that she was not going to succeed. She asked if we wanted someone else to try...I said yes (since we were there). An older lady came down and had the catheter in in 15 sec and M didn't even flinch. I was NOT impressed with the 1st lady and ~might~ have said "Hmmm, sure would have been nice to have that done the 1st time and not traumatize the baby" while looking at her. Needless to say, she left in a hurry. Now M was not traumatized but I was pissed. She was lucky I was standing on the far side of the table as I would have ~liked~ to smack her. I don't know how parents are able to go through cancer with their kids? I mean I know they don't have a choice but that would be so tough to see your child in pain. Just breaks your heart.
So anyway, all is great with Miss Thang! She wasn't traumatized (or hurt) but I think Lance and I were;)

Today we put up the Christmas tree. It's a big one so I haven't put any ornaments on it but I will tomorrow. Hopefully it will be a nice relaxing Sunday full of football, pizza and Christmas ornaments. Add in some chocolate and that sounds like a perfect day:)

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Anonymous said...

YOUR TREE LOOKS FANTASTIC!!! glad all was okay with little miss M!