Tuesday, November 24, 2009

1 free hour

My babysitter/day care provider offered to drop off Miss M tonight since she is coming into town so I can have a little extra time to run errands/do chores/ect. That is SO nice of her. So I've been home for 1 hour....BY. MY. SELF! What do I find myself doing? Looking out the window or door to see if M is here yet? Sheesh! Why is that? I should be doing things that I normally do after she goes to bed or sitting with my feet up eating bonbons yet I find myself so excited for when Miss Thang is going to get here. I need to get a grip! Or valium! Or something! ~blush~

I've looked out the window 3 times in the last minute.

Hi my name is Kelly and I have a problem.

Oh well! Remind me again of what I did before Miss Thang was here? How was I "so busy"? I feel kinda lost without the little screech monkey and its only been 1 extra hour of Kelly time.

So today I'm thankful for an awesome daycare provider AND that I miss my daughter when she's not here instead of celebrating getting rid of the high-maintanence wonder! tee hee

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Jen said...

Isn't it funny how that works :)