Sunday, November 29, 2009

So proud!

Of myself for blogging every day this week! Of Miss Thang for actually napping!! She's been down in her crib for 1 hour!! Awww its glorious:)

I am going to blog every day in Dec. That is my goal. I usually do the Journal Your Christmas album in december and I'm going to this year again. I already have it made so that way I can just take some pics and journal. I. will. do. it.

On the Miss Thang ~no bottle~ front....still the same. I tried a sippy cup but she would have none of that. Jessi, I'm going to try your sippy cup recommendations as the ones that I have have a hard spout. M has taken a bottle (occasionally) since week 2 so this isn't a new thing for her. She's really good with a bottle and has them at daycare so why now is she refusing? We use the playtex drop-ins and the born bottles. She has (I mean HAD) no problem with either of them. ~sigh~ I have no problem with nursing her as I really enjoy bf-ing but I do work 2 days a week. We do have her 6 month appt next week so I'll talk to the ped too. Gasp....6 months! Holy crap! I got my 1st comment of "when is the next one coming?" this week. Seriously?! Do you not remember me being pregnant for 15 of 17 months? Yes we are having more. Right now...not so much! Soon? Probably, but not right now. Unless its an ~oops~ we are not trying!!
Cripes...I'm still trying to get my body tucked back in. Sheesh.


Molly said...

You go!! I wish I could be on the ball and get a post out every day! ;) I should just make it a goal for myself!

5 Months is really when their personality really starts to come out - a lot of babies have nursing "strikes" at about this age. So I guess she's just having a bottle "strike" I'm sure she'll come around - they do get "thirsty" enough at some point!

Good luck!

Birdee said...

I was going to post daily in November of things I'm grateful for. I didn't even get one post (except for sleep maybe)
Maybe I'll try the 1 a day in December ::shrug:: we'll see.

GL with the bottle feeding. DH has a hard time bottle feeding and he has LO all day today. I'm scared.