Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

To each and every one of you!!! I hope you had time to enjoy a wonderful meal with loved ones, watch some football and wrestle the crazies at Michaels for cheap cricut cartridges. Oh, umm.... I guess that last part was just me and Ember:) Boy were there crazies!! And we were NOT them;) Well maybe we might be a tish nuts. Oh well, we both scored several carts for at least 60% off. YAY!!

Anyway...Happy Thanksgiving and for all the Black Friday shoppers, enjoy and be safe! If you're going to the DL wal-mart for the cricut expression, they are all sold out:) tee hee OK so maybe they aren't but I'm not above clawing, scratching, kicking and/or elbowing! I'm just saying.....

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