Wednesday, August 19, 2009


There are many titles I ~knew~ I would hold while signing up for motherhood...
  • diaper changer
  • tear wiper
  • baby snuggler
  • photographer
  • owie healer
  • breakfast/lunch/supper/snack provider

Just to name a few. I did not however expect a few of these. Actually they didn't even cross my mind as I was not a ~baby~ person before this. I did not stop to look at the cute baby or want to hold it. No thanks! I'll just drink my diet dew and maybe MAYBE pet it on the head. That seemed to be the least sticky, gooey place to touch.

I did not know that with motherhood comes:

  • bogger picker
  • spit up catcher/target
  • comedian
  • singer (seriously... how can she enjoy my singing?! Ick!!)
  • manicurist
  • pedicurist

Just to name a few. I love being a mom but sometimes I think... ick!


Lauren said...

I agree with EVERYTHING you listed! I think that Lance honestly believes I like picking boogers out of our girls' noses since everytime there's one in there I hear "Mommy, someone needs their nose cleaned". Do our guys really think we enjoy this part?? I love my girls and get them out so they can breathe, but I could definitely enjoy a day without boogers!

Jen said...

Oh the singing. I had nooooo idea there would be so much damn singing involved! And I even do it in front of other people too, because Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes makes her laugh so hard!