Sunday, August 9, 2009

All Alone.

And NOT in a bad way!! I'm in a hotel room in the cities all by myself! Well, Lee has the adjoining hotel room so I'm not completely alone but kinda. Makenna and Lance are at home while I'm here with Lee while he has a medical procedure done tomorrow. He's getting heavily sedated so he needs someone to drive his sorry butt around and home! That would be me. Let me first say... I miss my baby girl.... BUT I am loving the Kelly time! I really needed this:) This is the 1st time I've been away from Miss M for more than 6 hours. It was hard to leave her but I knew she was in good hands and Lee needed my help. It's so weird to be by myself. Definitely not bad weird! This will be the 1st night that I will get a full night of sleep since about mid-pregnancy! I'm REALLY looking forward to that!!!

Makenna's 2 month appt went really well. The shot nurse was very quick so M wasn't in too much pain for too long. She slept for quite awhile after the appt then had a very tough evening. She's very into kicking and everytime she would move her legs, she would scream in pain. I hit her with some tylenol and that seemed to help quite a bit. She was still a little off yesterday and today but much better. Makenna is right on track for growth. She's 21 5/8 in long and 10.75 lbs.

The 2 pics that were in my last post were taken by yours truly!! I've been trying to improve my photography and it's starting to come around. I'd love to become a professional photographer... maybe if I continue to improve and get some training:) Thanks for the compliments on the photos!!


Morgan said...

I'm so glad you get to have some Kelly time, go to sleep early and get those extra zzzzz's! You are going to feel amazing in the morning! Don't worry about Miss M, you know she is in wonderful hands!! :) I can't believe those pics weren't professionals...they looked soo good K!

nancy said...

she is so beautiful. And good for you for doing kelly time. SO many mommies forgo that!

The Stanford Saga said...

what are you doing blogging you should be SLEEPING! I saw your little peanut tonight ( I didn't get too close because I'm not feeling 100%) She and daddy were having a walk, until she got a little hungry and they had to go home. She's beautiful! Enjoy your good night sleep and good luck to your bro tomorrow.

Jen said...

Isn't it amazing how, in such a short time, alone time goes from common place to completely foreign? Good for you on getting away, even if it is to drive your bro around!