Friday, August 7, 2009

2 Months!

How did she get to be 2 months already??
Happy 2 months Miss Makenna!!!

I'm off to ride this morning and then I'll meet Lance and Makenna at her doctor's appt. We're going to spend the weekend catering to this little girl to ensure that she's feeling as good as possible considering she'll have had her little legs stuck 4 times. We're also going to scoot to a funeral on Saturday (Lance's uncle passed away from a massive heart attack... he was 76) and a trip to Grandma's house. Wrapping up the weekend with some preseason football Sunday nite and then Lee and I are off to the cities Monday so he can have some medical procedures done. I'm hoping to squeeze in some shopping so maybe I can request that they give him some extra "happy juice"! He'll never know/remember that I drug him through every scrapbook and baby store in the area!
Happy weekend!


Birdee said...

LOL, I love your plan to shop!
Makenna is no longer a new born =( they grow up so fast, (tho she's still tiny and a baby =D) And adorable too! Love those pictures!

Morgan said...

Happy 2 months Makeena! Are those professional pics? ~SO CUTE!!~ I'm sorry to hear about Lance's uncle.

Jen said...

She's beautiful Kel!