Sunday, August 23, 2009


That's about all I can say about my weekend. Interesting. Not all good. Not all bad. Just interesting. We'll see how things pan out in the coming weeks. There are many potential changes on the horizon should I choose them. We'll see.

As we are rapidly approaching September and my most favorite time of year, I can't help but be excited. I love the changing leaves, crisp air, sweaters, vests and apple cider! Bring it on September...I'm ready for you. We have an extremely busy Sept brewing. We have every weekend booked already starting with Labor Day weekend in Brainerd (tradition) at Dennis and Joanne's. Love it up there and with them:) Then I have my 1st post-baby horse show (4 days long). M's baptism is next followed by 3 days of scrapping fun! And that my friends is the end of September! Yikes!! I can't wait:)

Miss M is almost 3 months old. Wow. She is so much fun! She's a little drama queen, very impatient and quite the comedian! Love her more and more each day. Can't imagine life without her cute little smiling face. I'll post pics of her and her fab room once I'm done hanging the butterflies. Hopefully tomorrow....

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Jen said...

Oh I hear you when it comes to drama queens. What I am really worried about are the teen years!