Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fun days!

Our days are so much fun here with Miss Makenna! She has discovered so much... such as...
  • loving to do "hot laps" with Uncle Lee. This is where Lee turns her facing out and has her sitting in his hands and leaning against his chest then walks really fast around the main level of our house so she can look at things. She LOVES it! But only if Uncle Lee is going fast. Poor Uncle Lee's back was killing him by the end of the weekend:)
  • playing with the toys hanging on her playmat. She's got quite the cross hook!
  • trying to grab and pull and kick her way across the playmat while on her tummy.
  • her voice... enough said!
  • giggling and smiling like crazy

There is so much more but I can never remember it all. I really need to write everything down!

I've been riding my horse quite a bit when I have someone to watch M. Faith is doing awesome! I can't wait to show her:) I'm working on getting that infamous scraproom put back together so I can start preserving memories again. It's a slow process with Miss M aka the non-napper but it's getting there.

Poor Lance is working his tail off. He's finally fallen behind on the work which is completely understandable as he's doing the work of 2 people and trying to train in 3 additional employees. He's exhausted and then comes home and wants to be a dad but has to do more work stuff too. It's a vicious cycle for him but hopefully it will get better. He's needs some sleep!

I'll leave you with more pics:


Morgan said...

She has the most darling little face ever! I just want to give her some smackaroos on her cute lil cheecks! :)

Jen said...

I bet you never knew how exciting it would be to simply watch somebody grab something or play! I'm glad you are still getting some time for your horse and scrap room. Important not to lose out on your hobbies!