Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I have to say... I'm a lucky girl. I so love being a mom. Makenna is so funny + cute + dramatic + snuggly. She's just the perfect combination of all these things wrapped into an adorable little bundle. Tonite my mom came over and went to the barn with us so I could ride and she watches M. M was great for grandma! She always is. When we got home, Grandma gave M her bath while I made supper. I took M up to her room to get her dried off and into her jammies after her bath. This normal starts the crying period. She was good until I went to put on her jammies... then the tears and crying began. The little stinker would cry for about 5 seconds then look to see if Grandma was watching then cry for a little longer then check again. Everytime she'd check to make sure she has Gram's full attention, her little lower lip would stick out. She is the queen of the pouty lip! It is one of the most adorable things I've ever seen. I still haven't gotten the perfect picture of it yet. I'm working on it! I'm so blessed to have a mom that is so willing and wanting to spend quality grandbaby time and help me out so much. Especially since Lance is gone all week. It really is the best! I hope one day that I can be that helpful to Makenna when she's a mom.


Anonymous said...

that made me tear up a little ... sniff. She does have the cutest, most adorable pouty lip!

nancy said...

This is a really sweet post Kel. :)

Morgan said...

Mason does this all the time! He'll cry, stop to see if we are watching and when he sees we are, he cranks it back up again! :)

I'm sorry I have been a horrible at commenting lately, but thank you soo much for all your sweet comments when my Grandma passed away! You're the best! :)