Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fabulous Pumpkin cake!

We've scheduled M's baptism for the end of September. I'm planning on making the cake since I've been dabbling in cake decorating. I wanted something ~fall-ish~ so I went in search of a pumpkin cake. I found what looked like a good recipe...made it into a 9x13 sheet cake instead of Bundt cake....PERFECTION! Although I didn't cook it quite long enough (the middle is a tish mushy), the outside is awesome! Even without any frosting. I'm planning on making a sour cream frosting and either decorating the sheet cake or adjusting it into a cross or something more complicated. We'll see... Here's the recipe I used in case anyone wants to try it: Cake

M is exceptionally clingy the last couple of days. I'm not sure if she's worried that I'm going to leave again or what? I put her down in the bouncy=she screams. The swing=she screams. The play mat= she actually good there for quite awhile (5-10mins) then she screams. I hold her and she's a happy little camper. I have to run to the bathroom anytime she falls asleep or I'll never get a chance while she's awake. Little stinker! Is this just a phase? I'm getting one for those "baby wearing" wraps so that way I can get something accomplished that can't be done with one hand. Plus my back is killing me from holding her all the time. ~sigh~ At least she's sleeping through the night for the most part! She normally wakes up 1 time between 3-5 am and then back down until 7-8am. Nice!

I've signed up for another ~Kelly~ weekend the end of Sept! This will be a little different as I'll still be staying at home but I'm going to a 3 day scrapbook retreat with Stacy (for sure) at the local scrap store. This will be a perfect opportunity to get started on M's baby album! Plus all the mini-albums that I want to make for family. YAY!!!

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Anonymous said...

Pumpkin cake?? - MMMM MMMM MMMMM!!!!

Screaming baby? Not so good. I'm a big fan of baby wearing so I think that sounds fantastic!