Friday, August 14, 2009


It is once again football time! The Vik.ings play their 1st pre-season game tonite!! So excited!! I'm going to take my partner in crime aka Makenna & try to make a football fan out of her. If she decides not to like football (I shudder at the very thought of my child NOT liking just can't happen!) well then we're going to have some serious issues!

Sorry about the delayed post! I was holding M, typing with one hand when I inadvertently hit the enter key. While trying to fix it, M woke up and had to eat right now. So I abandoned ship and went to feed now I'm back. Thanks for guessing though, Nancy;)

It is hotter than hell here and humid! Ick! I'm so ready for fall...sorry Gina Gina Sex-machina!! I know how you love summer:) We have a busy weekend as Lance is coming home late tonight then taking off Sunday for the drag races in Brainerd with Jerry (Gina's hubby!). I'm running errands and riding sans M so I can get alot done A LOT faster! Hopefully its cooler tomorrow!


nancy said...

you love? Just as in a sentance? Like YOU LOVE.

Maybe you forgot your post? Or you are just full of love.


Anonymous said...

I'm never going to live down Gina Gina Sex Machina am I?! lol. Hope our boys are having fun today. I took the kiddos to the movies today, and got little man a haircut. I got to hold your beautiful and STRONG little peanut last night when Lance was bs-ing with Jer. Have I told you lately she's ADORABLE!!! She was breaking my heart last night in the stroller sticking her little bottom lip out, I just had to rescue her! She oozes with sweetness!!!!

Jen said...

I am working with Jillian on throwing her arms in the air and shouting touchdown. She hasn't figured it out yet but finds it to be great fun.