Friday, August 21, 2009


NEVER did I EVER think that I would say that. Never say never! I'm watching the Vik.ings play the Chiefs. Fa.vre played 2 outings and wasn't great but he's only had 3 days of practice. I'm sure he'll be better next week. Hopefully! It is a sweet day... Zorbaz pizza, tall glass of milk, football, scrapping website browsing and Lance taking care of Makenna! Plus I got my nails done and some scrapping shopping. SWEET! As soon as M goes to bed, I'm going to head down to the woman cave aka scraproom and continue the fottball watching and organize the disaster that is my scraproom. I've been working on it on and off (mainly off!) and I just need to spend some good time down there and get it done. Lee is here so we're all watching football in the loft. Gotta love it! We're trying to break Makenna into football season in the Haugen household. I ~should~ be taking M for a walk right now then a bath at 8pm but I'm watching football. So much for Mom of the Year! ha!!

Tomorrow we're going to finish putting all the decorations up in M's room. Finally! I'll post pics after we're done. I'm hoping to get some actual scrapping done. Lance needs a daddy brag book so I'm going to work on that and some photo editing/printing. I'll post anything that I get done. Hopefully its not just a blank page post tomorrow! EEK!!

Also a BIG congrats to Jewels on the birth of baby boy!!!! We're so happy for you. Can't wait to hear the whole story!! :)

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