Tuesday, June 2, 2009

15 days left.

OK Miss Thing... this is your first but very official eviction notice that you are welcome to leave my insides at anytime but you MUST be out by June 20. That is an extension of 3 days past your due date should you have forgotten something and need an extra day to pack. That would put you here for Daddy's 1st official Father's Day on June 21. Very cool!

Now I know that you are extremely comfortable in your current home. I've even tried to be a less inviting host as of late by:
a) showing my horse for 4 days
b) planting 16 lilies, 5 perennials and tons of annuals yesterday

It doesn't seem to affect you at all:/

My next OB appt is on Thursday so let's pray for some dialation and effacement! I'd like to get this show on the road:) My bags are some what packed. The car seat & base are going in the Highlander today so we're ready on that front too. Miss Thing's coming home outfit is washed and ready to hit the bag. Now we just need to convince Miss Thing that she needs to make an appearance.

I just got off the phone with my brother and he said that next week doesn't not work for him to become an uncle as he has to go to Oklahoma for work so its either this week or 2 weeks from now. He just wanted to give me and Pork Chop (Lee's name for Miss Thing) our options... if only it was that easy!

My 2 hour pedicure is today and my feet couldn't be happier about that!! They are so awful looking! I need to give the house a good dusting/cleaning before too long. I've had all the windows open and we live on a gravel road so the dust is accumulating rapidly. Pics of Lily's garden to arrive tomorrow as its actually starting to look like it has a purpose. It still needs lots of Lance work but it's getting there!!


Jen said...

A pedicure sounds wonderful! I remember making Jeramy trim my toenails when I was super pregnant since I couldn't reach anymore :)

The Stanford Family said...

I've heard of pedicures getting things going?!?! And if not at least you will have sexy feet for the stirrups while you are pushing miss thing out! I can't wait to see Lily's Garden!