Thursday, June 11, 2009

The miracle that is swaddling!

Makenna LOVES to be swaddled! The hospital nurses swaddle all their babies with 2 blankets. For some reason, maybe lack of sleep, we didn't swaddle her when we tried to get some sleep Monday nite. It was a long nite with VERY little sleep. The next nite Lance decided to bring the swaddle back. What a difference that made! Last nite was even better!! Makenna sleeps very soundly for about 3-3.5 hours when she's swaddled. That is sweet relief to us! Now Lance and I just need to get our nite started sooner than 11pm-midnite. We're aiming to be in bed by 10pm tonight.
More updates later as I have a diaper that needs changing:) I love being a mom!!!!


Morgan said...

For some reason Mason never liked being swaddled..I don't know why!

The sleep part gets me! Eventually she will get her days and nights straight which means more sleep for mommy and daddy!

p.s.- I'm glad you are still keeping us updaed as hectic as mommyhood gets! I can't wait to hear more about her, oh and more pics!!

Morgan said...


The Stanford Saga said...

The happiest baby on the block.. Suck,Swaddle,Swing,Side. :)
Burrito that baby !
I'm dying to come over there, I will wait awhile so you get a bit more settled, and of course call first. wink.
Thinking of you allll the time!

Lauren said...

I am so happy for you Kelly!!! It's a little tough being sleep deprived but kids are worth every second of lost sleep, as you already know!!! I just can't get over how gorgeous she is!!!! You all did a great job makin that baby girl! LOL

Birdee said...

I'm just sitting here grinning for you.
I love hearing how you love being a mommy. It's the best!

Jen said...

We were big time swaddlers with Jillian! She was so active (still is) that those little hands would inevitably fly into her face and wake her up!

Love the name Makenna by the way!