Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Friday!

We've fed.... changed diapers..... got dressed for the day.....walked...fed....changed diapers....yelled at the dog for psycho barking at absolutely nothing then wanting to go outside and come back in 75 times in 5 minutes....decided dog was better off outside in his kennel for the day since its so nice out.....made banana bread....fed....changed more diapers.....
Makenna is napping now and I'm heading down to my scrapbook room to start working on the remodel. I'm ~hoping~ to get a shower in today but it might have to wait until Lance gets home. At least Makenna cooperated with me yesterday so I was able to sneak in a shower as she napped in the morning.

I jumped on the scale today to see how things were going in the post-pregnancy slim down process. I was VERY pleasantly surprised that I'm down 2 lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight! YAY!! I gained a total of 27 lbs so I've lost all of that (which some was definitely water weight as I was very swollen!) plus 2 additional lbs. I attribute it all to breastfeeding! Makenna eats all the time! I still have a little baby belly left but it's starting to pull back in. Maybe by 3 weeks post-partum it'll be gone. My new goal is to lose an additional 15-20 lbs off of my pre-pregnancy weight. I thought it was going to be a lot harder to lose the baby weight than this. Not that I'm complaining!!

I'm off to the scrapbook room! Have a great weekend! Makenna is 2 weeks old tomorrow so we're going to celebrate by taking lots of pictures of her and eating some popsicles! I might even take a celebratory nap in her honor;)


Birdee said...

I'll nap in her honor too! (Happy 2 weeks MacKenna)

BTW, Makenna was on my top list of girl names. I love that name.

Anonymous said...

WOW - PRE PREGNANCY WEIGHT ALREADY! That is a miracle! So apparently you don't eat cookies all night when you are up feeding like someone I might know? Fantastic job chica! I can't wait to meet her. You might have to change your blog title to Horses, Cats, Dogs, and Babies.. .oh my! Wink

Jen said...

You suck!!!

Okay. I'll stop being jealous :)

nancy said...


I'm so behind. CONGRATS!!! I've got to leave now, but I'll be back super soon to catch up with you!