Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hello last day of May!

What a crazy, busy, fun week it's been!

1st - Only 17 days until Miss Thing's due date. That is hardly any time at all and we STILL do not have our crib and dresser/changing table... I'm calling on that first thing tomorrow morning.

2nd - We've been at a horse show for the last 5 days and I've had a blast. I'm exhausted but absolutely thrilled with the way the weekend turned out. I picked up a bunch of points, my horse did amazing with me and the trainer and we had a lot of fun with all the horse people. Oh, Teddy and I participated in the dog races (a fundraiser for the youth association which I'm the advisor for) and came in second! Teddy did so well:) It must be the more aerodynamic hair cut!!

3rd - We finished lamaze class and I am now to the weekly OB appts. My last appt was Thursday but I wouldn't let them check me internally as I didn't want things to get started yet as I was doing SO well at the horse show. The nurse laughed and said she's never had anyone not want to be checked. Ha Ha ha! I like to be different:) Let things begin now as I'm done with the show and ready to go! My next appt is Thursday at 38 weeks.

4th - On Tuesday I have a 2 hour pedicure scheduled in the afternoon. I can hardly wait! My feet need some major TLC. Ick!

5th - Lance is going to be working in the area from now on until Miss Thing blesses us with her presence. Yay for that!

I started packing our hospital bag this evening... it feels like I'm bringing a lot of stuff. Like I'm moving in for a couple of weeks. My bag w/ Lance's stuff, baby's bag, boppy, diaper bag, car seat and base, makeup bag. Lance is going to look like a pack mule! Does a hospital have those valet carts like a hotel?? I've been known to be a heavy packer... just in case packer... but I really want to have everything. What do you think?


Morgan said...

LOL you sound like you got it covered! Hopefully you are lucky like I was and are able to go home not even 24 hours after the baby is born! I recommend taking a folder along with you because you will get all kinds of papers about baby care and stuff and I remember having a hard time keeping up with them and getting them home without losing any haha!

The Stanford Family said...

terrific update! I'm so excited for Miss things arrival! Good job Teddy!

Molly said...

Hi Kelly! I just happened to stumble across your blog :) I can't believe you only have 17 more days!! SOO EXCITING!
Not sure which hospital you're delivering at, but at Merit Care they had little carts (not valet carts) to haul everything out on :) you'd probably be able to use it to bring stuff in too! Chad made several trips in with stuff when we had Grace :)
We're so excited for you guys!

Birdee said...

Yes, it sounds like you've covered your hospital stay, and if you did forget anything, just send DH home to go get it for you ::wink::
(I'm a big packer too)

So what do you do at these horse shows? Do you ride them?
I'm just imagining a almost 38 week pregnant lady on a horse - with a grin on her face. My-my I'm jealous that I don’t feel as good as you sound. Though I do feel pretty good, I guess I'm anticipating feeling awful at 38 weeks. Do you just sit a lot? (I need your secret =D)

So how did you like your lamaz class? What do you think is the most useful thing you got from the class?
I'm not taking Lamaz, but looking for a little something from all birthing classes to take with me in the L&D room. One lady said she learned to lift her belly with her hands as she had a contraction and that helped, I'll be trying that as long as that doesn’t keep him up and in. I'll be wanting him down and out.

Love the pampering, I'm a facial freak and have many prepaid facials and appointments scheduled until the baby's due date. Now I need some chiropractic appointment.
Heh- I've been thinking of taking my son for a pedicure, I wonder if he'd go for that (lol)

Oh and the nice thing about crib and changing table. (At least for me) in the beginning, I never used them. I had a bassinette though and just changed him where ever. But hopefully you will get your things before she gets here so you won’t have to worry about it after when you’re trying to adjust and heal.

I'm so excited for you. 16 more days!! (I got this a day later =D)

Then ME!!