Friday, June 12, 2009

A moment of peace.

Lance and Makenna are out cold on the couch. The house is all quiet except for the humming of the breast pump as I'm finally getting a couple of minutes to sit down by myself in peace. ~sigh~ After pumping, I'm heading outside as it's a beautiful day and my flowers haven't been watered for days. The weeds are also giving me the eye so I want to attack those before the herd of family and friends decends upon us tomorrow.

Lance, Makenna and I just got home from a trip into town for my appt and running errands. We were welcomed home by the UPS man, Fed Ex man and a postal delivery. Wow! It's like Christmas all over again! Well, for Makenna at least:) One of the packages was even addressed to Makenna and Staff!!! That's too funny Ranee! Very true though:)

Makenna is proving to be quite the travel companion as she loves to be in the car especially when it's moving. She doesn't mind being in a shopping cart in her car seat but did fuss a little so Dad just carried her around Target and snuggled her. She was a happy camper then.

I guess the silence is over as Makenna is hungry. I've been pumping here and there so we would have the ability to use a bottle in case I run into town or need a break, ect. We brought one with us to Fargo just in case she wouldn't nurse while there so Lance is going to feed that instead of letting it go to waste. I don't want to encourage the bottle use too much as I want to breastfeed as long as possible (within reason!!).

I'll leave you with some more pics!

She's hungry here too:) This girl can eat!

Must be a very serious dream to need such a furrowed brow!

Just a dang cute baby laying on the quilt my mom made for her!!


Morgan said...

She is just too adorable..I just wanna scoop her up and give her some lovin! :)

Molly said...

what a beauty!
sounds like bf'ing is going well for you :) there are so many wonderful moments that you'll look back was the best decision I ever made and believe me, we had some tough times getting going!'s soooo much easier nursing than washing and making bottles all the time! ;) lol
I'm so glad you're blogging'll go by in a blur and you'll love looking back at all these posts!

Jen said...

I can hardly believe you are blogging and going to stores and everything. I swear that I could hardly manage to leave my house for two months or at least it seemed that way :) She is such a cutie.

Birdee said...

My - My, she is a dang cute baby.
You sound too ambitious for just having a baby, Pulling weeds? I'm jealous and I'm not even there yet to compare. You sound like your adjusting very well Kelly. I'm so happy for you.