Thursday, June 4, 2009

13 days.

That's all that is left:) I had a few contractions yesterday but nothing timeable and they went away after awhile. Today is my 38 week doctor's appt so hopefully there will be some progress in the dialation and effacement department. I'll do an update if there is:)

Still no sign of the crib and changing table:/ I'm giving the company and boutique we ordered it from until tomorrow and if I don't hear anything by then, I'm going to cancel the order and order something different. Dumb crib company:/

Nothing else too new here. Just waiting for Miss Thing to make her appearance. People are calling like crazy to see what's going on and if we have a baby yet. It's funny how June 1 came and the phone calls started rolling in.

It's a beautiful day here so I'm heading outside for some more yard work and to clean out the horse trailer. It's sure nice to get all of this done before Miss Thing is here as I believe we will be spending a lot of time staring at her when she does finally arrive:) I can't wait!!!


Jen said...

I say it is a good thing that the crib & changing table haven't arrived. That way you are tempting the gods to have her arrive early by not being 100% prepared. We had the baby room done by mid-August and of course Jillian didn't get here until early October.

Lauren said...

You are getting so close!!! I can't wait to hear the birth story and see pics of her!!! I bet she is gorgeous!!

Maybe cleaning the horse trailer will help her along! After my 36w appt and the girls were both over 5lbs I took it upon myself to get things in motion lol. I went and finished all of our laundry, did the dishes, swept our drive way and sidewalk after DF mowed. Then next morning lots of contractions but they stopped after about 2.5 hours. The next morning, LOTS of contractions, that afternoon....I had 2 beautiful girls!!

Molly said...

don't worry you won't use the crib the first few days anyways :)
I was on my hands and knees cleaning the day before I went into Labor with Grace trying to get things moving - it worked! :)
You'll just have to start screening the calls over to Lance when they ask if there's a baby yet...sounds like a good job for a daddy especially considering you're the one doing all the baby baking and delivering! :)

The Stanford Family said...

grrr grrr grrrr dumb boutique! I know you wanted to have her room ready to go and waiting for her arrival. Let's hope they have some tracking info for you tomorrow and a confirmed date of delivery. Man oh man the waiting is hard now! Hope you had some good progress today!xoxooxoxo