Tuesday, June 9, 2009

She's HERE!!!

(so is the crib and changing table too but that's a whole different story!!)

Introducing Miss Makenna Zophia Haugen!

This is right after she was born.

Makenna on the scale.

Daddy and Makenna right after she was born.

Mommy & Makenna right before we were discharged.

Makenna being very excited about going home for the first time!!

She was born 6-6-09 @ 6:37pm weighing 6lbs 11oz. Apparently ~6~ is her lucky number!

Lance & I were up until midnight Friday nite putting the crib together and organizing the changing table . We finally cleaned everything up and headed to bed. At exactly 2 am I felt my water break. I quickly (or as quick as a pregnant lady can!!) slid off the bed trying not to let the flood gates open until I hit the towels that I laid next to the bed a couple of weeks ago "just in case". I leaned over the bed and whispered to Lance "Guess what? My water just broke!". Now Lance is a very heavy sleeper. He's already proven he can sleep through any noise Makenna makes as long as he knows I'm there. So when I barely got the last word out and Lance was already flying around the room, I was pretty impressed! He jumped up, came running to my side of the bed asking if I was ok. The whole time he was next to me, he had his hand on my butt. He then realized his hand was wet and said "Oh yuck!" Oh man did I laugh at that! I asked him what he expected. To his defense, I don't think he was even awake yet!
So Lance called L&D and told them we were coming in. I took a shower and grab a bowl of cereal. We had most of our stuff put together so Lance had the Highlander loaded in no time. We hit the road by 3am and the hospital by 3:30am. The L&D nurses first wanted to make sure my water actually broke. I guess I should have brought my p.j. pants, the 2 towels and our sheets to prove that I didn't just pee myself! Once they were convinced my water was ruptured, they admitted us and checked me. I was at 1 cm! A LONG ways to go! So they hooked me up to pitocin and Lance & I started walking the halls to get things going. By 10:30 am, I was at 2 cm. Lance and I both thought this was going to be a VERY long day! My pitocin was turned up every 20-30 minutes (since 4am) so the contractions were close together and moving around to my back. We tried all the lamaze techniques including the birthing ball and jacuzzi tub. By 2pm I was at 3cm with major back labor and contractions on top of eachother. I have back problems from playing college sports so the back labor was a killer. I finally said enough and asked how long would it take to get an epi if I wanted one. So my nurse checked and the doctor had 12 cases going in the OR but he did have time right now or in a couple of hours. So I decided that it was take the epi now or probably a c-section later due to lack of progress. I'd much rather have the epi!! Let me tell you... it was SWEET RELIEF! I could still feel the contractions but it wasn't even half the pain. So I dozed on and off until 4pm when I was checked again and I was at 6cm! YAY!! By 5pm I was feeling a lot of pressure so the nurse checked me and we were ready to go. Lance and I just looked at eachother like "Already?!". So we sat there in a daze while the nurses got our room set up. I pushed 6-8 times and then they called the doctor to come in. The doctor got there about 20 mins later and I had to not push through a couple as he was getting ready. Then pushed for about 5-6 times and out she came! What an amazing experience!!
I just barely tore in 2 places and have 1 stitch at each location so not too bad. I'm a little sore but nothing a little tylenol can't help. Breastfeeding is going GREAT! Makenna and I took a little while to get the hang of it but with the awesome nurses and Lance's help, we have it pretty down. My milk is coming in so that makes it much easier! Lance is an AWESOME father! I knew he would be but he is just such a natural. He swaddles even better than most of the nurses do according to one of our L&D nurses.
It has been quite the experience! I can't believe we waited so long to do this! I can't wait to do it again with Makenna's little sister or brother in another year or so. We are enjoying Miss Makenna like crazy! She's a little mixed up on her days and nites but we're working on that. If anyone has any suggestions, we'll take them. Other than that, she is absolutely perfect! Love her to death!!!


Christina said...

Congrats!! She's beautiful!

Molly said...

We heard the news through Justin - sooo excited for you guys! Those babies sure do steal your heart away! :)
We'd love to come visit, if you guys would be up to it!

Jen said...

OMG, Kel she's beautiful! See I told you not to worry about the no progress thing :) I'm so glad the birth went smoothly. Enjoy this time with her...it goes by sooooo fast.

Anonymous said...

She's absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations! You deserve every sweet moment!

Maria B said...

Congrats Haugens! Lance looks like such a PROUD papa. She is absolutely adorable.

Morgan said...

CONGRATS!!! She is beautiful!!! I'm so happy for you..I've been following you through your journey forever now and it is so wonderful to see this post and the pics. Congrats again girl!

Lauren said...

Kelly she is gorgeous!!!!! i am so glad she is here all safe and sound with Mommy & Daddy!!

The girls had their days & nights mixed up too at first. We would try to keep them up in the evening as much as we could so they would be super tired at night. I don't know how well it worked though but it's worth a shot!!

KatieM said...

Oh sweetie, she is just precious....congrats!

Birdee said...

Holy Bajebus! Where have I been?!?!
Congratulations Kelly!! =D
She's absolutely Adorable. Wow, what an amazing beautiful birth story.
Welcome to Mommyhood.
I'm enjoying "Baby Wise" for tips on getting babies to sleep through the night by 8-9 weeks (I think it said) and some earlier.
I know a lot of ppl hate that book, other's love it. I'm the personality type to follow it more than that attached parenting type books I've looked into. Maybe it would be helpful for you.