Thursday, April 16, 2009

What's that?

Why is it so silent over at this blog?? Could it be because...
  • the author is 32 weeks pregnant?! (When did that happen?)
  • this pregnancy is completely normal (knocking on wood) except for those dang Braxton Hicks that attacked last night, but those are normal too.
  • I'm swimming in a sea of pink and purple items that need washing, putting away, organinzing, ect
  • I'm STILL waiting for the crib and dresser and starting to freak just a little about that eventhough I have 2 months left if Miss Thing doesn't break out of there sooner.
  • I'm trying to keep up with horse things but I'm killing myself doing it
  • I do try to slide in some work every now and then but my boss is fabulous so he dotes on me. (You all know Lance & I work together right??)
  • I'm trying to get things organized before Miss Thing but I'm starting to wear out.
  • I'm not sleeping very well anymore... which I think is the dumbest thing EVER!! Why shouldn't a pregnant woman, especially near the end, get the greatest sleep ever in order to be well rested for when baby comes.
  • Also, why am I wide awake at 4am??

Isn't it funny how this blog is so completely baby-oriented?! When did that happen? Oh well! Welcome to Motherhood:)

Today I'm cleaning, organizing and putting things away. I'm calling on the crib to see what the ETA is. I'm photoshopping with some friends tonite as they are new to photoshop and need help. I'm taking Teddy for a walk, making strawberry banana pie for Lee's birthday this weekend & taking a nap! Tomorrow I'm going to a horse show... can't wait! My horse is not ready for the show yet as she is still shedding like crazy. It looks like she has ~the mange~ or is molting! She's slick (no winter hair) on her neck and shoulders, has clumps of hair in the middle and her butt is furry. She's quite funny looking!! Definitely NOT is show shape!


Old Mom New Baby said...

Oooh, maybe I should come over and sit in on your photoshop lesson.

You just reminded me of a few more things to add to my own to-do list.

Jen said...

Oh yes all the pink and purple! I started buying anything but those colors just to get a little freakin' variety!

Morgan said...

My blog is all motherhood too, I can't help it!! :)

CONGRATS on hitting 32 weeks..Miss Thing will be here before you know it. Just some advice from a new mommy, it is going to be hard the first few weeks when you get home but it gets better and is ~SO~ worth it!