Monday, April 6, 2009

What a party!

WOW! This child is not going to need clothes for the next year. We're going to have to add on to her closet in order to fit it all in. The turn out was huge! We almost ran out of cake, punch and food. I don't think my MIL expect everyone plus some to show up. We also received our travel system which is perfect timing as we have our carseat class on Thursday.

Here's some pics!


Old Mom New Baby said...

What is that game those girls are playing? That is so funny.

I'm so glad you had a wonderful turn out. It looks like a great party.

Did you have it at your house? or somewhere else.

I wished I could have mine at my home, It would be so much easier to be Sooo pregnant and not have to pack all the items in the car, carry them in the house and put them away.

Jen said...

You look adorable Kel! It looks like it was a fun time. I love Lance with the pink bags :)

Morgan said...

You look gorgeous girl! Glad you had a great shower!