Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More shower info.

The shower was held at our home because we have a great house for entertaining plus its big so we can comfortably fit a lot of people in it. Lance's MIL and AIL threw it for us. They did an absolutely FABULOUS job. They did all the decorating plus some of the cleaning! I barely had to do anything except keep the coffee going for them:) It was very nice to have the shower at our house so we didn't have to pack everything up and haul it back. We will be packing and hauling at the next one in May but that's ok.
The game with the cotton balls on the nose is: you divide everyone up into 2 teams. You put vaseline on your nose then go "pick up" a cotton ball with your nose. Then you have to go drop it in a bowl. Dropping it is the key as it is hard to get that cotton ball away from the vaseline! It was definitely a great game that everyone could do.
It was such a great time! I'm doing laundry like crazy as I want to get as much as possible done before Miss Thing makes her arrival.

We start our baby classes this week... A carseat class and what to expect during labor on wednesday and thursday evening. It's Lance's birthday on Saturday but we're going to have a gathering at our house on Friday nite. Just a casual BBQ and cake with some friends. I have a prayer service tonight and funeral tomorrow for a very good friend of mine's brother who just passed away from cancer. I'm going to try to fit in a walk with Teddy everyday plus a couple of visits with my horse. I need to return a few items we received at the shower as we got 3 sets of the same size/color/design onesies. It was on the registry but we don't need 3 of the same size! I'm going to call on our nursery furniture as it's suppose to be here in April. I'm very anxious to get it and get the room all set up and finished. I'm such a planner that I want to do as much as possible. I've got to get all my type A traits out as much as possible before Miss Thing crashes it.

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Jen said...

To answer your question from my blog, we're adding on a new master bedroom so that we'll have a total of 3 bedrooms upstairs rather than 2. Because, you know, we might want to have another baby someday :)