Friday, April 10, 2009

Another great OB appt!

Miss Thing is doing great! Her heartbeat was 139 bpm. I'm up another 3 lbs (from a month ago) which I was shocked that it wasn't more because the belly has more than doubled in the last 2 weeks. My tests (glucose tolerance, urine culture & hemoglobin) were all perfect. I'm still measuring ahead but I have been the whole time. Dr. R is very impressed with how well I'm doing with pregnancy in general. YAY!! We go to appts every 2 weeks now. I'm wondering... when do the internal exams/checks start?

We had our carseat class last night and a labor/delivery class on Wed. They were both really good. We did a tour of the family birth center which we've obviously been to before with Lily but we saw more of the normal areas such as triage, the nursery, ect. It was weird being back there as everything with Lily was such a blur due to all the emotion, anxiety, ect. I didn't even really remember where my labor room was except that it was kinda by the kitchen because Lee kept running across the hallway to get me grape popsicles. I can't wait till we go back there when Miss Thing decides to make her appearance and make it a good place instead of a dreaded, icky place. We still need to sign up for lamaze...I'm just not sure when we're going to fit it in... but we will!

My horse is doing AWESOME at the trainers! She's still not shed out enough to show next weekend but that's ok. I'll still have 3 shows I can hit this spring before Miss Thing is due... that is if Miss Thing decides to cooperate and wait until closer to her due date to arrive.

It's Lance's birthday tomorrow! The big 2-7!! Yes, as a matter of fact, I am a cradle robber. I'm very proud of it too! We're only 4 years apart so I don't think that qualifies me as a cougar. Doesn't it have to be like 10+ years to be a cougar? More power to those women!! Can you imagine being 40-ish y.o. and having a 20-something boyfriend?!! Wowza!!! Grrr!!!!! Anyway... we're having a BBQ gathering tonight at our house for his birthday. Just low key and casual. I'll take lots of pics of the b-day boy and post them later.

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!!

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Jen said...

I started internals at 36 weeks. Of course all I got was no progress, no progress, no progress :)

I'd totally love to be a cougar. Jeramy is only 8 months younger than me, so I'm sure I don't get that status.