Monday, April 27, 2009

Random bits.

  • I seem to have lost my belly button:/ I have or more accurately ~had~ a very nice innie which has been rapidly decreasing in depth. Now it seems to be more of an even-ie. Apparently Miss Thing is taking ALL the room she possibly can. Yikes!
  • my kennel cough (as Lance refers to it) is getting better. I'm not waking myself up all the time and/or gagging from coughing anymore.
  • I seem to have contracted the flu over the weekend which I've deemed the sw.ine flu. Really I don't think I ~have~ the sw.ine flu but since it's all the rage right now I'm trying to be in style. Luckily that seems to be winding down too as I actually have food in my stomach that has been there for longer than 1 hour. Miss Thing really appreciates that too!
  • I have the WORLD'S BEST husband EVER! Lance has been so great while I've been down and out with all the sickness the last week or so. He's the best! We were suppose to take off on a business trip yesterday but there was no way I could travel so he stayed home with me to take care of me. How sweet is that? He even offered to stay home today even though I know he's anxious to get some of his work in the cities done. Seriously...the best!
  • I'm a closet Nascar fan. I do plan on remaining in the closet on this one but I seriously LOVE nascar. We watched the Talledega race yesterday and I told Lance I want to go there and camp in the infield with all the Nascar crazies! Maybe it was just the fever and flu talking but I thought that sounded like fun! Plus it looked so nice there... 82 degrees and sunny. Lance was all for it.
  • I'm rearranging my scraproom for more space. When I say I, I actually mean Lance is moving everything around for me. Again...he's the best! I've decided that there isn't much room for Miss Thing to join me in there unless she's in utero which is NOT where I plan on keeping her for much longer. 50 days left!! I will post pics once I get everything moved around which will take awhile because I have ALOT of stuff. Plus I have to ask Lance in sections so I don't overwhelm him with all my goodies. Plus I only have him move the heavy stuff. I do the rest and I wear out quickly these days.
  • The lilies, roses and hydrangea are starting to bud in Lily's garden! I can't wait to get that finished and all put together this spring. Again a lot of that is going to have to be Lance but I can do some of it.


Anonymous said...

Only the most fashionable flu for you ! I thought the kennel cough was funny, but the swine flu too! Seriously you poor girl. Miss Thing is going to make you an outie by the time she makes her debut! I can't wait to see Lily's Garden :) It will be beautiful! PS Have I told you how stinkin' funny you are lately?

Morgan said...

Where is some belly pics!? :)