Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Lee!!!

It's my brother's 29th birthday today! YAY!! We had pizza and strawberry-banana pie for him last nite at Mom's house. Now he's watching the Twins play while squatting on our couch. I also maybe him is favorite breakfast this morning which is Favorite Muffins. They are a muffin with nutmeg in it that is dipped in butter then rolled in cinnamon and sugar. I did this as part of a bribe to get him to finish the painting in the nursery. The good news is it worked!

Oh the baby front, less than 2 months! That's crazy!?! Very exciting but wow! What's also crazy is that our crib and dresser/changing table is not coming until the end of MAY now. The company that they were ordered from is notoriously slow plus they won't send a truck unless it's full. So if Miss Thing decides to join us earlier, then she's going to be sleeping in a laundry basket or box. Not very fabulous!! :/

Actually we're getting a pack and play too so she can sleep in the bassinet portion of that but I was really hoping to have the crib this month. We're holding off on finishing the decorating until the furniture comes as we don't exactly know how we're going to arrange things. So we're in wait mode.

I haven't had anymore Braxton Hicks since thursday so YAY for that!! I'm been enjoying the horse show in Fergus all weekend but picked up a severe cough. Lance is calling it kennel cough as a result from being around horses all weekend. For the record, the cough started before the horse show so ~good try hubby~!! Not so much! If anything would make me feel better, it would be a horse show!

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The Stanford Family said...

That stinks about the crib! I will keep fingers crossed that they come before miss thing gets here. Kennel cough .. hahaha