Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kicking the Ick!

I'm finally feeling like a real person again. I'm typically not the sick type. I almost never get sick but my immune system has been kicked in the #ss due in a large part to being pregnant for 13 of 15 months. My body is ready to get back to its regularly scheduled life which does NOT include making and nourishing life. Little does my body know... it will be doing this again... maybe even a couple more times. I'm not planning on telling my body as I think after the year and a half that it's had, it would definitely rebel! Maybe science will hurry up and invent a way for men to be pregnant and Lance can do the next couple! Ahhh...that would be great!

Miss Thing has now found/reached my ribs. She was kicking them last wasn't painful per se but just shocking that she's that big already. We have only 48 days left until EDD-day but it seems SO far away as I'm growing by leaps and bounds, getting less to little sleep and not able to eat hardly anything due to Miss Thing squishing my insides. Man does that sound like I'm complaining...I REALLY try not to do that as we are very blessed to be pregnant with a healthy little girl after losing Lily. We both thank God every day for Miss Thing so I definitely don't want to sound like I'm ~over~ the joy of being pregnant because I'm not. I just see the end in sight and can't wait to meet this little wild woman and be able to bend over again!

Speaking of which... here are a list of things that I think need to be invented for preggo women!
  • spray-on lotion that you don't have to rub in. Just spray it on your legs and you're moisturized!
  • sleeping area that elevates you to fend off heart burn, cushions your aching hips yet gives you support so there isn't any back ache, has a cooling system as I'm always roasting, has built in props that keep you on your side but still lets you lean back on pillows so not to squish the baby. Miss Thing hates when I lean too far forward on my body pillow...apparently I'm invading her space. Little does she know... she's invading MY space! She also dislikes when I sleep on my right side. She's a fussy, opinionated thing!
  • tums dispenser that resembles a Pez dispenser (easier access) or even an IV drip of tums.

OK that's it for now but I'm sure I'll think of more;)

Good bye April!! It's been real fun but bring on May and the summer weather. The sooner May gets going, the sooner June gets here! YAY!!


Anonymous said...

Brilliant ideas! Work on those inventions and I *might* even try for another one! I'm glad you are feeling better! Thanks again for the ticket! It was fun!

Morgan said...

Oh I had heartburn SO bad too, the whole time. They say that means your baby it going to have alot of hair but Mason didn't. Zantac always worked best for me better than anything else, and use an extra pillow at night! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm convinced most of those symptoms are due to gas....and a lot of it.

As for the lotion dispenser, this already exists, order here:

Kelly H. said...

Uggh, I know...when I was pregnant with the first I felt 'icky' like allll the time. Same symptoms, heartburn, queezy, hadn't seen my feet in 8 months, etc.

OHHH, and the near constant bitching.....OMG!! I TOTALLLY did that too!! And I like, TOTALLLY hate my husband too, we have sooooo much in like, common. I like to torture him and convince him he likes to vacuum.

I spoke with my doctor about my symptoms and he told me it was gas.

...sometimes i pee a little when i sneeze, then i say its a 'scientific fact' that this happens to pregnant women