Thursday, July 23, 2009

What a week!

We have been having a blast here! Makenna is growing like a little weed. She's smiling like crazy and starting to giggle. She's more interested in looking around and wants to sit facing away from me so she can check everything out. Except when she's tired... then she loves snuggling right under my chin. It's so sweet. I was hoping to post pics but I haven't been down to my scraproom with my computer for a couple of days. I'm using the old laptop which is handy but older than sin so it's pretty slow. I told Lance I want a laptop but it has to have enough memory for my photoshop and not too big and bulky plus it MUST be purple! He called me today to tell me he found a laptop for me... I said is it purple? (dell makes a purple one!)... he said no....I said then I don't want it! I WANT PURPLE! So anyway...I'm hoping to get down to my computer today but by the time Makenna is sleeping at night, I'm so tired that I just want to go to bed! She's really not sleeping much during the day so I have very limited free time.

Last night, Makenna, my mom and I went to the barn and I rode my horse. I SO missed riding!! Faith is doing awesome! I can't wait to show her again. Faith was not too sure about Makenna's stroller at first! It was pretty funny. Then she warmed up to it and loved smelling Makenna. Makenna really didn't care about Faith... she kinda looked at her but that was it.

Makenna is squirming around in her bouncy seat... she's seriously the cutest baby ever!! I know every mom says that but I just want to squish her chubby cheeks! Love her to pieces!

Lily's garden is in full bloom! It's absolutely gorgeous! Those are also some of the pics that I will post once I get my butt downstairs.

I'm really yearning for some quality scrap time... maybe this weekend. I want to make a mini-album for my Grandma, print some pictures and do some photoshop work. I also want to finish knitting a couple of hats for Makenna. We'll see how time goes:)


Jen said...

Who are these mysterious babies who nap all day anyhow???

Molly said...

The minutes seem to fly by when there are children in the house - I have so many projects myself, but playing with the kids seems to win over them all the time! :) Such as it should be, right?! Enjoy pinching those adorable cheeks!

If you can't find a purple laptop that will hold all the programs you would need, you can always look into the "skins" they have for laptops! :) Some of them are pretty darn cool!