Friday, July 17, 2009

No longer a newborn.

I am currently packing up all of Makenna's newborn clothes and diapers as they are just too small for her. I had to get our car seat instructions out too as the newborn insert is only good for so many pounds and I couldn't remember what it was. It's good for 4-11 lbs. We have .5 lb to go...
The crib sleeping is going great. She doesn't seem to mind at all so I'm going to take down the pack-n-play in our room. We do need to pick up a mobile so she has something to entertain her while she's lying there. The pack-n-play had little animals hanging over her and she loved to look at them.
Makenna is 6 weeks old tomorrow so I'm going to do a little photo shoot of her... not like we don't already have tons of pics of this child but you can never have too many!
I'm going to ride my horse tomorrow for the 1st time in many many months. When I say "ride" I'm actually just going to sit on her and walk around 1st. We'll see how everything feels and go from there.
Lance and I are going on a date tomorrow evening... dinner and a movie! Makenna is going to spend some good quality time with Grandma (my mom). It will be fun and very good for us! I hate to even admit that we're going to a kids movie because I want to see a movie in 3-D. I've never seen a 3-D movie so I want to see Ice Age 3!! I want to see Harry Potter too but I'll wait until it's been in the theater for a little while.

I've also discovered the secret to getting Makenna to quit screaming at bedtime/late evenings... I put my IPod in last night because my ears were killing me. Then I started singing completely inappropriate songs to her... I did edit the swearing out but not the ~smut~! tee hee hee She loved it though! I'm a NOT a singer but she just loved when I was singing to her or just in general so I'm going to try the IPod thing tonight too. Hopefully I wasn't just a one hit wonder!!


Maria said...

One thing that helped my daughter (who was colicky) was to hold her on her tummy on my forearm (with her head towards the crook of my elbow-kinda like a football).

Molly said...

oh so bittersweet how fast they grow!
I agree with Maria the football hold works wonders for colicky babies...
I think all babies seem to be fussy in the early evenings, we went through the same trials with Hayden & Grace...I can promise that those fussy evenings will get better :)