Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bullet post

I need to write down Makenna's tidbits or I'm going to forget them. Then when I try to scrapbook or write all the memories in her baby book, I'm never going to remember them. Pregnancy brain has turned into a slightly better/retaining more new mom brain! YAY!

  • We call Makenna "peanut" because she was so little when she was born... that has turned into me calling her "peanut butter cup" as I LOVE PB cups!! Plus she looks more like a PB cup now! I stepped on the scale (I'm down 1 more lb!! Not the point though!) then I stepped on with Makenna. Is it even possible that she weighs 10 lbs now?! I stepped back on the scale and sure enough... 10 lb baby! No wonder why her newborn clothes and diapers don't fit anymore.
  • I'm officially packing up her newborn clothes and diapers for storage... for the next one. EEK! 1st - I can't believe that she's outgrown her clothes already. 2nd - the next one! EEK! That's all I'm going to say about that for at least 6 months - 1 year. I've been pregnant for FAR too long to be thinking more pregnancy!
  • We're struggling through some bf issues but I think I have a handle on what the problem is... over-supply. I was thinking this might be this but it was confirmed today when poor Makenna was crying after feeding for a few minutes then pulled off the "girl" and it literally sprayed breastmilk all over her cheek! I have never seen anything like it. I quickly covered it up and made her a bottle of pumped milk. Poor M! That made her much happier.
  • Makenna is a whole array of sounds, grunts and noises. We need to video/tape her because it is so funny.
  • We moved M to her own room and crib 2 nights ago. She has been ready since day 1 but I haven't been. Lance could care less as he's not home except on the weekends. She's doing really well with it. So am I! I do check on her a lot before I go to bed but oh well! I plan on taking down her pack and play and removing it from our room by the end of the week if everything continues to go well.
  • Her hair is growing really well in the back and filling in on the top but it still looks a little "mullet-ish".
  • Makenna is starting to smile a lot when I talk to her especially in the morning. She even kind of giggles like she thinks she's funny. It is so cute!
  • I can't believe this little ray of sunshine (most of the time!) has been with us for 6 weeks this Saturday! Where does the time go?
  • I just signed up for this class. Ria did M's newborn photos which were so fabulous. I can't wait to learn more about photography and the ability to use my camera from her! Hopefully I can take some awesome 6 month photos of her myself after this class. Granted they won't be "Ria" quality but hopefully they are nice enough to use.
  • How many diet dews a day is too much? I ALWAYS have at least 1 when I'm not pregnant but often another one sneaks it's way into my mouth:/ What do you think?
  • I have my 6 week post partum check up in 2 weeks because Dr. R is on vacation next week. YIKES! Then guess what?! I can honestly say I'm NOT looking forward to what comes next. Lance is... of course. YIKES!
  • I'm hoping to get some good quality scrapping time in this weekend as I'd like to apply for a Design Team. We'll see how that goes. I have until the end of July to apply.


Molly said...

If you're pumping to create a stash, this may be what's causing your oversupply. You also could just have a strong let-down and this is what caused the spray...don't feel bad about it, pretty sure my kids got it in the face a few times - it has great anti-microbial properties so at least it was good for their skin! ;)

I know there are a lot of pre-conceived ideas about the La Leche League being nursing "hippies," but I really got a lot of useful info out of the meetings and met some very nice woman (& their babies)...their monthly meeting is actually tonight (they meet every third Thursday). They have a yahoo group you can check out if you want

don't hesitate to email me either if you have questions about it or just want to chat about BF'ing

Otherwise I got a LOT of my BF questions answered at (ironically)

What kind of DSLR do you have?? Have fun at the workshop - it looks like a blast! :)

Jen said...

First of all...I'm soooo jealous about your photography class. Taking awesome pictures is something I really wish I was good at.

Second, newborn mullets, so funny. Jillian totally had one two. Just don't laugh at Makenna too much as you don't want her to feel self concious or anything.