Monday, July 27, 2009

Mindless Monday!

There is someone in this household that decided that she was not going back to sleep this morning and has since boycotted all naps except a short 1 hour "lunch time" nap. I thought babies are suppose to sleep?!! Not to mention the whole crabby-ness factor is on the rise due to the lack of napping/sleep. So since ~someone~ is wide awake.... and it's NOT me.... we've decided to try out all the fun things we have for her such as the Baby Bj.orn (a little too big for her as her legs don't look comfortable at all in that thing), the Bu.mbo (she sits great in this thing!), the umbrella stroller (too big) and that's it if I remember correctly. It would be SO nice if she would be interested in the pacifer to help soothe her but she' s really not buying it. It lasts for about 30 secounds at the most then she spits it out. Just not a fan! We're heading outside next since Miss Thing likes the stroller and often sleeps in it! Here's to hoping!!

I'll leave you with pics of the princess!


rocket.queen. said...

The Baby Bjorn issues is not just because she is small. Baby Bjorn is bad for babies' hips because they literally just hang from their crotch rather than having support under their entire bum.

If you're realy interested in baby wearing (a wonder for anti-nappers, ask me how I know lol) Shoot me a message or check out

Molly said...

we have multiple baby-wearing items in our house. The bjorn was great for Chad to wear and I liked it too, but I loved my Moby! I'd look into a moby wrap...Grace took many of a nap in mine! :)

Jen said...

I swear that Jillian never napped to. She still doesn't really. Of course she seemed to be sleeping in a lot of those pictures from those first couple months, but I think it was because that was the only time I could actually find to snap a photo!

Morgan said...

I know you feel guilty saying it, so I'll say it for's HARD when they are fussy and wont sleep! But believe me when I tell you, it gets better girl so hang in there!
Miss Thing has changed so much Kelly!! She already looks like a different baby from when she is born! She's a beauty!!