Thursday, July 30, 2009

My doctor's appt

I have my 6 week postpartum appt this morning. Dr. R was on vacation last week so it's actually 7.5 weeks but I was completely fine with that! No need to rush things;) So M and I are heading out and about in the rainy cool weather. I need to get M more cool weather clothes as I have barely any pants or long sleeve outfits for her in the 0-3 month sizes. Sounds like I need to shop!! It's going to be a good day:)

I had a couple of hours off yesterday due to Grandma watching M while I ran errands and rode my horse. Grandmas are a wonderful thing!! They rate up there with an amazing glass of wine, superb chocolate and a sleeping baby! Nothing better than those things!! M & Grandma get along so well that I don't have any worries about leaving them together. I think it might be trouble later on as they will probably be leading eachother astray!

Question for you guys... M has her 2 month appointment appt next Friday. That's the one with the first set of shots (4). Did you give your LO tylenol before the appt to help with the pain and generally icky feeling of the shots? Anything else you did to make them more comfortable?


Molly said...

I always give the kids tylenol or advil (once they met the weight requirement for dosing) before their vaccinations. When Grace was really little, I'd nurse her afterwards and she would calm right down.

Shots seem to be more traumatic for the parents than the least that's the way it seemed to work for us.

There was also an article out in Parent's magazine a few months back on having "painless" well-child checks...I believe there is a cream you can apply to numb the area before shots (I've never used it though).

Birdee said...

I did give him tylenol before the appt, which was so long ago I forgot till you mentioned it, so THANKS!!

Jen said...

I didn't give her tylenol before the appointment but should have.

Morgan said...

Mason's Pedi told me not to give them Tylenol BEFORE the appointment because if they have a fever for any reason it will mask it when they check it! When they put you in the room, before the Dr comes in, give her some then! Ask the nurse who weighs her and checks her temp how much she can have. I THINK at that age it's .3 ml, not sure so check! Mason was only a little fussy the day of and the day after the shots. The Pedi will tell you how much and how often to administer Tylenol! It's going to be ok, it's harder on the parents than the baby LOL!

Goodluck at your Postpartum checkup!

Morgan said...

Oh by the way, you are right..GRANDMAS ARE THE BEST EVER! I don't know what I would do without my mom helping out sometimes!