Monday, July 13, 2009

Much loved Monday!

Now WHO would think a Monday is loved? Well I, for one, love this Monday. Lance is still home and Makenna is actually napping in her swing... after a screaming fit but we're not going to focus on the negative:) Miss Makenna actually blessed us with 2 nights of sleeping through the night!! Friday nite and Saturday nite!!! 10pm-6am!!! We'll take it! She didn't do it last nite but that's ok... it'll come soon enough. I've already weeded the landscaping and Lily's garden, MiracleGrow-d all the plants in pots and a few other misc things. I get a ton done when Lance is occupying M's time. It was recently asked "Who has time to nap during the day?". Said person looked directly at me?! WTH?? I said "I certainly don't! Have you tried being a single parent (during the week) with a house and animals to take care of along with a newborn?" Obviously not! The magic housecleaning fairy DOES NOT frequent the Haugen household unfortunately. Needless to say, I quickly pointed out the errors of their comment and explained that since Makenna was born, I have taken 1 nap for 1 hour while my mom watched her last weekend. Even if I did nap during the day, it is completely understandable as I'm up during the night with her while you (said person) are sleeping soundly with uninterrupted sleep.
Some people just.don't.think.

Other than that, we had a great weekend of playing at the lake...not in it as it's too chilly for Miss M, picnics with great friends and enjoying the sun. I had a glorious 90 minute hot stone massage to try to help allievate the numbness and tingling in between the shoulder blades. It was great but the tingling is still there. I still loved it!

Here are some pics of the rapidly growing Miss Makenna:

Makenna & Daddy @ the beach.

Makenna & Mommy @ the beach.

This is the way she sleeps sometimes??!


Lauren said...

The last pic of her sleeping is too cute! The girls used to do this. I always said it was b/c they were so cramped in my belly that they were enjoying the chance to stretch out finally!

Molly said...

what a doll! she just keeps getting cuter! :)
as far as the unsolicited comments...I can totally relate! people (especially the "kid-less" variety) really don't get it - they think all you do is nap and play with the baby while you're home. Heaven forbid you keep the laundry room from looking like mt st helen's (ready to explode) or that your lawn takes care of itself! ;) At least in this stage of the game she happily sits in her bouncy chair and watches you dust - my kids like to undo everything I try to at an alarmingly fast pace!

Morgan said...

Oh my goodness she is too pretty! She's going to break lots of boys hearts, and probably her daddy's oneday too! :)

The Stanford Saga said...

she's just too cute. I love the new background too! I enjoyed my baby holding time yesterday, I'd love to steal her anytime so you can NAP.
Hire the cleaning out dude. YOU HAVE A NEWBORN! :)

Birdee said...

I sometimes feel like our baby B is sleeping like that in me =D
I hope to get some pictures of us (after he's born) on the beach, in the sun before winter hits. I love the "In the sun" pics when they are just so tiny =D