Friday, July 10, 2009


for the silence! We've had some busy days and crazy evenings with a crabby baby so by the time she's asleep, I'm beat. I will post a great post tomorrow after I've had myself a LARGE diet dew, a massage to get rid of this numbness/tingling between my shoulder blades and a break! Makenna is the best baby ever and I love her to death but I was seriously contemplating the need to pack up my horse and truck and trailer and run away from home! She didn't seem to care when I told sure didn't stop the screaming so I'm still here:) Makenna and Lance are going to spend some quality time together tonight and I'm going to hide out in my scraproom and get that organized or I'm going to be drinking on the patio... not sure which! My mom is coming over today for her grandbaby fix...yay for Grandmas!!!!

Happy weekend:)

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Jen said...

Hang in there hon. All that screaming is exhausting, emotionally and physically.