Monday, July 6, 2009

One Year Ago...

One year ago, around 9pm, our hearts were absolutely shattered with the loss of our 1st baby Lily Ann Hope. We. were. devastated. By far the worst few days of our life.

One month ago, at 6:37pm, our hearts were bursting with joy at the arrival of our 2nd baby Makenna Zophia. Thrilled doesn't even begin to explain how we felt when we first saw her. We're falling more and more in love with her each and every day.

What a difference 1 year makes! 2009 is SO MUCH BETTER!!!

It's truly a double edged sword... I would give almost anything to have Lily back. BUT if we didn't lose Lily, we wouldn't have Makenna. I certainly don't want to give her up either. Can't I have my cake and eat it too? Obviously not:/

So on Lily's 1st heavenly birthday, I want to tell her we miss her and love her and thank her for watching over us and her little sister. I know she's an angel in heaven and is probably entertaining her great-grandpas in the same way Makenna is entertaining us! Until we meet again baby girl....
Love you,
Mommy & Daddy


Birdee said...

This brought tears to my eyes.
I have thought similar thoughts about wanting Rose but then wouldn’t have this one.
While I can’t question it or it will drive me crazy. I just have to trust whatever process or reasoning, I do find myself feeling blessed to have my little spirits to love.
I truly feel I have 5 children, and was supposed to have 5 children to love, but only 2 while on this earth. But knowing I have my angels in heaven watching over us and waiting for me, somehow it brings warmth to my heart.
I know our situations are quite a bit different, but I thought I'd just share our similarities.
My thoughts are with you today ((hugs)).

Morgan said...

This post was a tear jerker!

There is no doubt in my mind that Miss Lily Ann Hope is watching over her little sister, and you guys as well.

(((HUGS))) Thinking about you.

Jen said...

That's a very honest and touching post, Kel.

Anonymous said...

totally bawling here. Sending lots of love up to big sister Lily on her birthday.