Monday, May 11, 2009

Tulips, shower, RV and more!

What a week! I have a ton of pictures to share but I don't have any ready yet. I am currently, as we speak, uploading my pics... all bazillion of them. Look for a big picture filled post tomorrow including pics of my ever expanding waistline!! It's growing by leaps and bounds but I'm STILL stretch mark free!!! I'm knocking on wood and moisturizing like crazy! I do believe it's mainly genetic though.
We survived Tulip Time in Pella, IA and loved it! The flowers were amazing! My wonderful hubby rented a RV so I could travel in comfort and NOT have Miss Thing during that trip! Technically I'm not suppose to be traveling several states away for work and fun trips this late in the pregnancy but my OB checked to make sure everything was still "sealed up" before we went so no worries! It was officially a work trip but we had so much fun that it certainly didn't seem like work. We got home at 1am Friday because I had a dr's appt Friday morning. That appt went great as well except Miss Thing did not appreciate her space being invaded when Dr. R tried to find her heartbeat so she kicked him a couple times. He just laughed and said that's quite a strong girl in there:) I also gained 2 more lbs which I solely attribute to all the Dutch pastries I ~had~ to try while in Pella.
We had my side of the family's baby shower on Saturday. It was so much fun to see all the relatives and friends! Lance and I were both extremely overwelmed by all the generosity and love that was poured on us and Miss Thing! I think I opened gifts for a couple of hours. We received so many beautiful and useful items. I'm currently washing everything so I can put it away (as long as it resides on a hanger as we STILL don't have our nursery furniture).
I am officially done with all work travel that takes me farther than a hour away. Lance is in SD this week but he's only a few hours away so he can get home if anything happens. I'm pretty sure Miss Thing is enjoying her surroundings and is planning on staying in there for a while longer.
This week, I'm nesting, cleaning and trying to get this house in tiptop shape for spring/summer and Miss Thing's arrival. I'm going to get a prenatal massage, go shopping for a coming home outfit and think about packing a bag for the hossy. I'm going to start arranging my scraproom into it's new form (there will be pics to follow), take some naps, walks and dig in Lily's garden. I'm going to enjoy these next quiet weeks! We also start Lamaze class on thursday. It's going to be a great week!


Jen said...

You definitely get an award for being the busiest super preggo lady I know. Glad to hear your slowing down just a little bit :)

Birdee said...

I hope I have your energy at 35 weeks. I need a nap just reading your post ;)
I'm still debating on taking a birthing class. Are you going natural or just learning tools to help with contractions until you get the epidural? (assuming you'd chose epidural)

Anonymous said...

You are doing fabulously! Please come on over anytime while Lance is gone. ( Jer mostly always gone too)! If you ever get lonely or in case Miss Thing wants to go to Rene's let me know! Can't wait to see all the pictures!