Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Picture post!

Here are the promised shower and tulip festival pics!

This afghan was made by my grandma!!

This quilt was made by my mom!!

This is my 2nd cousin and I. Everyone always thought we were sisters when we were little.

Betsy is due the end of July with their 2nd.

This is Lee enjoying Miss Thing's prayer bunny.
Lance enjoying the cake:)
Pella, IA's Tulip Time

The RV Lance rented for us. What a nice way to travel:)


Morgan said...

You look so gorgeous girl! I just love that belly on you LOL! Too cute. I can't wait to see pics of Miss Thing soon!

Jen said...

How fun! You're looking adorable Kel. Love the tulips too. They're my favorite flower.

Birdee said...

Your second cousin doesnt even look pregnant in that pic. But I do see a resemblance.
I love the pics of the tulips. I love Tulips.
And I love the prayer bunny? I want one!! Where can I get one in Blue?