Thursday, May 21, 2009

The fabulousness that is... + a naked dog!

The fabulous part is The Children's Place store! WOW! Could that store be anymore ~me~?? With all the bright fun colors and glittery accents... I was in heaven! Why don't they have a store like that for adults? Now, I've walked by this store several times but have not paid any attention to it along with all the other baby stores. It's just not my thing to ooh and aah over baby and little kids clothes. Now that I'm almost a mom, I decided to check it out since it was right across from Victo.ria Sec.ret where I was using my handy dandy coupon to get new undies. First I should mention that this is the 1st time I've been to the mall since before Christmas. I'm just not a ~mall~ girl. Now don't get me wrong... I LOVE to shop but just not at a mall. I prefer the trendy boutique type stores. So I decided to check out The Children's Place since I haven't been in there before + it was close + Miss Thing needs a baptism dress. I walked in and am immediately welcomed by an adorable purple outfit with lime and fuschia accents + a matching hat! Ummm, hello coming home outfit! Into my bag it went! Then I move on to the sale items... love them! More items are chucked into the bag. I finally managed to drag myself out of there with a huge bag and over $100 spent but completely missed the 4th of July outfits and a baptism dress didn't even cross my mind. The good news is I received a 15% off coupon so I am going back to hit what I missed next week or the week after;) Maybe the week after that way they can restock and have some new items in there!!!

Now for the naked dog... Teddy got shaved today just like last year. He is so dang funny looking but it is so much nicer for him. Plus he loves to swim at Lance's parents lake so this keeps him nice and not matty. His head and tail are the only things that have any hair left on him so when his tail, which naturally curls over his back, touches his buzzed back he tweaks out. It is so funny! It's like he thinks something is attacking him. He did this last year for the first couple of hours but then he finally realized what was going on. I'll take some pictures and update this post with them when he wakes up.

Lance is heading home as we speak. We have our 2nd lamaze class tonight for 3.5 hrs. Why must they be so long? Tomorrow I have a dr's appt in the morning then my mom and I are going to go buy flowers at our favorite nursery and plant them in my pots and in Lily's garden. I will take pics of Lily's garden next week as it should be close to done by then. Hopefully! The lilies are growing like weeds (YAY!) and the hydrangea are sprouting too. I'm not sure what the rose bushes are doing but they look healthy. Yay for all that:)


Jen said...

It is so much fun to shop for little girl clothes. Whenever I have money for me, I always get side tracked buying Jillian stuff. She looks good in everything!

The Stanford Family said...

Awe little girls clothes totally ROCK! I used to be GYMBOREE obsessed. hence the email addy. Glad Lily's Garden is doing so well. Good luck at your doc apt tomorrow.

PS I'm over the freak out of the rock shoveling I know you are a hard workin' mama. I was just thinking of your poor back!

Morgan said...

aww you should have took a pic of Teddy! haha! :)