Sunday, May 17, 2009

1 Freaking Month!!!!

What the heck?!! We have 1 MONTH until Miss Thing's due date!!! Holy crap! How can that be? She could be here anytime. That just seems so inconceivable to me. We're extremely excited but it just seems like I'm really going to be pregnant forever instead.

Lance is off to WI for the next 2 days so I am under strict instructions to NOT have the baby! ha ha ha! I told him I'd see what I could do:) Like I have any control of it? I try not to lift too much or exercise/over-do-it, ect while he's that far away. The braxton hicks tend to come on when I do too much.

I did however mow the lawn yesterday. Lance was doing the front yard so I did the back and side. We have 2 mowers so I always do the easy part. Luckily it was cool out so I had a big sweatshirt on. I really don't look pregnant unless you look closely... at least in a huge sweatshirt that is:) I also forgot how sensitive my skin is to the sun when I'm pregnant so my face is a little pink today. It is turning tan as the day goes on though. I really feel bad for people that burn all the time. I have olive skin so I brown from hot water basically... except when I'm pregnant. Oops!


Morgan said...

Time seemed to go by fast for me in the end, but sooo slooow in the beginning. I can't wait untill Miss Thing makes her grande entrance into the world, I bet she is going to be just gorgeous! :)

Birdee said...

It's funny to me how 30 days, or 1 month seams longer than 5w2d.
Holy Cow!! 5W2D to go!! That's about the time women are finding out there pregnant is around 5 weeks. She'll be here so soon, I cant believe it. I cant wait to see her =D

Jen said...

You totally should have gotten a pic mowing the lawn :)

The Stanford Family said...

I cannot believe Lance let you do ANY lawn mowing..I could have done it!

Call me if you need me okay while he's gone. Seriously CALL ME! I am a light sleeper.Call me for anything, anytime anywhere CALL ME! 354-2158/ 701-429-1533.

Melissa said...


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