Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day to all!

It's been a wonderful weekend of sun, fun, flowers, BBQs, a little work and now thunderstorms. I love to see all the people getting together for family fun at the lake or wherever it may be. Lance and I got a lot accomplished this weekend but didn't work too hard. Lance's wonderful family blessed us with 16 ~yes, 16~ lilies for Lily's garden! They are absolutely beautiful and will be a wonderful addition to her garden. We are going to have lilies coming out of our ears!! It will be great. I'm hoping to get them in the ground tomorrow as today is not a nice day for planting or being outside unless you are a duck!

We are on the home stretch with Miss Thing! 22 days left! Yikes!! Her crib and changing table should be here this week... fingers crossed. I can't wait to see what Miss Thing looks like and who. She's definitely growing like a weed as my innie belly button is now an "evenie" and on the verge of being an outtie! I'm starting to feel a lot of pressure "downstairs" so I'm hoping that means she's dropping and will be here soon. After June 1, of course, but soon:)

I need to get all my horse stuff rounded up and loaded into the trailer for the horse show this weekend. I'm so excited to be showing but a little nervous about how everything will work out. I'm not use to having to rely on the trainers for anything but they are totally going to have to take care of me for this show. I know that's what they are paid to do, but I really like to do it myself.

Tomorrow is a full day of appts, going to the barn and loading the trailer. Plus some baking for the youth bake sale at the horse show. I love to bake so that is definitely not a problem! :)

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