Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Getting it in writing.

I want to remember what exactly it is that I love about being pregnant along with the things that I can do without. That way when Miss Thing is older, she can have some documentation about what it was like to be pregnant with her. Due to pregnancy brain and then new mom brain, I'm going to blog about it so I've got it down.

Things I love:
  • every u/s where I see that little heart fluttering like crazy.
  • every appt when I hear her heartbeat and Dr. R saying that everything looks perfect.
  • her movement from the first tickle to the now huge tummy shaking jabs and pokes. It's so interesting to feel an elbow or knee poking out of my stomach... as long as they are gentle pokes!
  • watching my belly grow.
  • loving how Miss Thing interacts with her daddy. This is definitely going to be a Daddy's Girl! I have absolutely no doubt about that.
  • all the baby items that have suddenly taken over our house.
  • my new thick hair
  • the fact that I don't have to shave my legs hardly ever (I'm not sure why, but I love it!)
  • my wonderful hubby and how he takes care of me even though it sometimes drives me crazy that I have to ask for so much help with the lifting and carrying and anything that involves bending over for long periods of time:)

Things I could really do without:

  • the heartburn
  • peeing all the time
  • the swelling, puffing and bloating (I haven't worn my rings in months)
  • not sleeping well or often
  • the ache that has come to live in my hips and nether regions
  • Miss Thing jabbing my ribs
  • the sciatica nerve pain which has disappeared for awhile
  • not being able to ride or jog or bike especially as the weather is getting so nice
  • the significant lack of Diet Dew and BEER! Oh what I wouldn't give for a nice tall ice cold Bud Lite with olives or a Mike's Lime. Yummy!!
  • not being able to bend over as well or long when tying my shoes or lotioning my legs, ect.

OK, this list is looking a little lopsided as I really have had a very easy pregnancy this time around. The enjoyment has far exceeded the ~do withouts~ even though the list doesn't look that way. I've been very comfortable all throughout the pregnancy until just the last couple of weeks. With only a month or so to go, I'm not surprised that things are going to get increasingly uncomfortable. I'm fine with that. It also means that Miss Thing could arrive at anytime or she could wait until her due date & after. Again I'm fine with either as long as she waits until after 37 weeks and after the crib and changing table arrive! That's really all I ask;)

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The Stanford Family said...

Miss thing has the best mommy and daddy! When can we start a date/weight poll?