Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I am going to participate in P52....its the easier version of the die hard P365 which is to take one picture every day. I'm just not up to that. I sometimes have a hard time brushing my teeth once a day** much less taking pics all the time.

**Normally I'm a freak about brushing my teeth but I'm SO sick of gagging everytime I brush my teeth with this pregnancy that I really have to "talk myself into it". Ick.**

So P52 is to take a picture once a week. Well shoot, even I can do that:) So Stacy and I are doing P52...anyone care to join us?

I thought my pic for the week would be of M's 1st gymnastics class but I had NO time to grab the camera as she was a maniac and loved every minute of it! So when we got home, Lance's parents were at our house...they stopped by to drop off Christmas presents since the Haugen-Olson Xmas was cancelled due to all the snow. (oh shoot! lol) So here is my picture of the week:)


Stacy said...

She is just too darn cute! I bet she will just love to get that outside this summer. You'll be running after her.

Stacy said...

Oh BTW I like your new heading thingy.

Shannon said...

Love the picture! She looks like she's going to rock that thing! I did the 365 thing last year and didn't do too well. I'm trying again this year. Hopefully it goes better.

Love your new header!