Sunday, January 23, 2011

Makenna's new trick & other things.

Well 1st on the newest baby front.... we have our "big" appt on Tues morning. Any guesses as to what we are having??? As long as its a healthy babe, that's all we care. I do seem to be stuck in girl mode though as I have a couple girl names we're pretty set on and nothing for a boy. Plus I'd really like to use M's clothes again BUT a boy would be fun as it would be something new and different. I've felt movement for several weeks now so that is always reassuring but I still have u/s anxiety from what we went through with Lily. I hate u/s appts until they are over and its good news. It seems that I have doubled in size overnite. I woke up this morning and my belly is huge compared to last night. Even Lance did a double take when he saw me today! I'll take a 20 week pic tomorrow or actually I'll have Lance take a pic.

Here is Makenna's latest trick!


Alannah said...

adorable....daddy and toddler! smiles

Shannon said...

That's a great trick! Now when you get her to vacuum that'll be a great trick too.

I'm going to guess boy for you! Good luck!

Jen said...

I'm saying boy this time around, but having another girl would totally me!

Stacy said...

Tell Lance I also think he looks sexy while vacuuming. I will have to use that with Shane. lol I have a canister vac that the boys usually ride. Can't wait to hear what the baby will be.