Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's a BOY!!!

I'll post pics soon but I am just too tired tonight to do any of the millions of things I should get done.

We're so excited and I'm a little shocked. I was totally expecting another girl so I just don't have a grasp on this boy thing quite yet. I'm still in shock:) Not that I'm not thrilled...I'm just not sure how to change from the purple and fuschia bling and glitter buying/loving momma to a boy momma. Can boys where bling? EEK! I suppose only if they are a rapper, huh?  LOL

I'm going to bed! Just didn't want to leave you hanging:)


Stacy said...

You'll just have to dress him in Vikings purple. I bet you will adjust really well to nonbling. Remember we are challenging you to no bling on a scrap page. Maybe that will happen in the next year. lol I am very excited for you guys.

Alannah said...

beautiful news. We had a son after three daughters, and I often felt his outfit could be set off with a headband! He loves shoes, and is very stylish at four! He esp likes his motorcycle (denim) jacket. Congrats and smiles

Jen said...

I'm lovin' it. I think that when he is 6 months old you should pierce his ear and put a big 'ol diamond stud in!