Monday, January 3, 2011

My scraps.

As a scrapper, it is SO hard to part with any pretty paper or quality cardstock or really anything that might be able to be used on a scrapbook page NO MATTER how small it is. I have a nice stash of scraps that are neatly organized in a hanging file folder thing that I NEVER touch. It just sits on my shelf collecting dust.

Why you ask? I have no idea. I just don't think to look through them.

I was at a weekend crop with the girls in November and sitting next to me is Stacy digging through her stash of scraps never having to cut into a precious 12x12 paper. Jealous much... as I'm cutting into my favorite glitter paper:/ So Stacy inspired me to get with it and find a way to organize those scraps so I'll actually USE them.

I searched on 2Peas for storage ideas. Heck, I've even graduated from the Wookiemouse Organizational Challenge (that's how my scraps actually got organized) but I just didn't know what would help me to look through the scraps first. Finally I found another like mind and she organizes by size. Hmmmm....I think that is what I need to do. Most of the time there are several colors that would work but I need a certain size piece of paper. So, this evening I pulled out all my scraps (except the one's in my crop bag, because I forgot about those.) and cut them to normal, not funky edges, sizes and put them in ziploc bags according to size. I have small cardstock, medium cardstock, long narrow cardstock (for edge punches) and at least 1 edge is 12x12 cardstock + 1 bag of pp. I am loving this system so far!! Granted I haven't ~used~ it yet but it just seems to make sense in my head + I can take them with me to crops!!! Bonus!

So thank you Stacy for inspiring me to be a scrap user!! I appreciate it:)


Marie :) said...

Organizing by size rather than color seems so wrong, yet I'm SO intrigued! Hmmm..........

Stacy said...

I am glad I can help you out Kelly. I tried organizing by size first, but it works better for me to organize by color so when I need a little bit of a certain color for a layout I go to my scraps first to see it I got that will work before I dig into a 12x12.