Sunday, January 9, 2011

Oh to be a cat.

Let me walk you through a day in the life of Uggs, our Ragamuffin.

He sleeps with us every night, unless Uncle Lee is here in which case he bops back and forth from our bed to Lee's bed. I call him my "butt warmer" because he is always pressed up against my butt or the back of my thighs when he sleeps.

So yesterday morning he:
  •  got up with me
  • had his morning treat while I had breakfast
  • played in the jacuzzi tub (M's bath toys are in there) while I showered
  • drank water from Lance's sink
  • took a nap in his cubes in the living room
  • I got home from a baby shower and Lance went to take a nap so Uggs went with him*
*Uggs has a "no one sleeps in our bed without him" rule :/
  • they slept for hours until I finally woke them up at 4:45pm
  • Lance got up...Uggs did not :/
  • we made supper and played
  • Uggs finally staggered down from our room to see what Makenna was screaming and laughing at
  • Lance gave M a bath while Uggs supervised
  • Uggs & I snuggled on the couch for awhile
  • M went to bed
  • shortly after that Uggs & I went to bed.
Now seriously?! How much sleep does 1 cat need? Apparently he got too much yesterday because he was up at 4:30am playing in our bathtub making all sorts of ruckus. He must have worn himself out though because when M woke me up at 7am, he was warming my butt again. Lazy meow:/ 


Stacy said...

Oh the life of a cat. Cute!

Jen said...

I'm pretty sure your cat and my dog could have a sleep contest. And Cujo also has a rule about nobody sleeping in bed without him...only he weighs 75 lbs.