Sunday, January 30, 2011

P52 Week 4

Here is my pic for Week 4:)
This is Lance & Makenna reading the new book she received from Auntie Vicki & Uncle Terry for Christmas. She loves all the animals!!

Here is a 20 week belly shot! Holy crap! Huge-ness!!!! Please excuse the paste-y white skin as I really need to get my tan on but I'm pretty sure frostbite would kick in first around these parts:/ The 2nd pic with the long sleeve shirt is 20 weeks with M.

I'm a litlle bigger with this one it seems. I think my butt is A LOT bigger with this one:/ Time to hit the treadmill!!

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Stacy said...

Oh that is a cute pic of Lance and Miss M. I don't thank you look that much bigger. I think any pregnancy after the first doesn't feel as flattering.