Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kindle, nook, e-reader?

Anyone have an e-reader? I love electronics! I wasn't sure I wanted or needed an e-reader but I'm kinda thinking I might;) So can anyone make a suggestion? I saw on the Today Show or the Evening News or somewhere that you can get e-books from the library (for free) but they are not very compatible with the Kindle. Anyone have this problem?

We're wrapping up the last few weeks of the summer quarter at school. The students are freaking out over finals and I have papers to grade that stack up about 2 feet high! Now that I'm a teacher, I LOVE finals week. I don't have to prepare for anything as I already have my tests made and ready to go. I don't really have to do anything except grade tests and labs and answer questions. It's a very relaxing week for me:) Not so much for my students!!

L, M & I are off to Brainerd for our annual Labor Day extravaganza at Dennis and Joanne's house. It is always so much fun to visit them. They are even busier in retirement then they were when working so its nice that they could fit us in:) Makenna is going to terrorize their house! Yikes! They have a gorgeous yard with flower beds galore so she can run around out there too. The rest of the holiday weekend will be spent at home enjoying family time. We might go to the local State Park to do some hiking if its nice out. I want to get all my fall decorations up too. September isn't going to be that busy but October will be insane so I need to get as much done now as possible.

Who else is giving a triple arm pump for fall coming?!! Pumpkins, apple cider, sweaters, down vests, crisp air, beautiful FAVORITE time of the year!!


Anonymous said...

I was wondering if something would be available to "rent" books for free, like from a library. I was more interested in an ipad - they have ibooks you can buy. But was waiting to see if there would be some sort of book rental "online library". So you let me know what you find out!
LOVE LOVE LOVE poofy vest weather!!

Marie :)

Molly said...

I just got a Kindle and love it! They are lots of free books out there! Kindle does not support ePub files, which is what people get from the library (honestly, I don't even know if the local library has it here anyways). If you're looking for something to read from go with an eReader - they're like looking at an actual book page. If you go with something back-lit (like the iPad) you're eyes will be yelling at you in no time, probably along with a killer headache! I have a feeling with the rapidly growing eReader market that there will be lots more "free" content to come! Good luck with your decision!
BTW...I'm happy as a clam with this cool weather!

Anonymous said...

You can adjust the backlight brightness of the ipad very easily. My husband's aunt has one that she uses primarily for reading and LOVES it. She likes the fact that she can read at night in bed without a light on - therefore not pissing off her husband! I guess I'm more interested in the ipad bc of the added wifi and what not too... so if it's just for reading and you don't need/want all the extras it's probably not worth the extra $. But I just love apple products and the thought of watching or and facebooking while laying in bed is just too tempting for me to resist!! Which I suppose you can do on a laptop also - but Steve takes ours with him everytime he works overnight. I need my own!! (it is on my christmas list - and I'm being very very good this year! the 2nd generation ipad should be out before chirstmas!)

Marie again!

Angela624 said...

MMMM Pumpkin Pie :)